Bo and Luke Duke are at it again. But this wasn’t in Hazzard County, Georgia, and wasn’t performed in the General Lee. This bridge jumping happened in Lake Mary, Florida, in a Hyundai Santa Fe.

On Monday morning, around 8:00, the “Not a Good Time to Drive on the Drawbridge” gates were down on both sides bridge, but this driver was not about to be denied crossing the Main Street Bridge over the Halifax River.

Someone sure didn’t want to be late for work on a Monday.

Notice that the driver doesn’t hit the brakes until he lands on the other side, and we should assume that the barrier gates on the other side were also busted up by this driver.

The Main Street Bridge is over 2,100 feet in length and is about 20 feet above the Halifax River.

This is the second time in a month that someone has made the leap as a motorcyclist also jump the drawbridge during Daytona’s annual Bike Week. (Video Below)

Looks like the unidentified driver was doing his best Jake and Elwood impersonation:



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