In the summertime, it's VERY easy to stare out the window at the blues skies and daydream about being outside and doing something fun...OR are you just ready for a career change?

This year, the World Health Organization defined "workplace burn-out" as, quote, "chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed."

A recent survey found 54% of people think it's a serious problem at their job.

Here are five signs YOU might be burnt out at work and need a vacation. Or maybe even a new job . . .

1. A sudden lack of motivation. Especially with parts of your job you used to enjoy.

2. You're easily annoyed. Especially if it happens a lot, then you look back and realize you over-reacted.

3. Your personality has changed. Like you used to be easygoing, but you've been complaining a lot lately. Or it could be subtle. Like you used to be talkative, and now you keep to yourself.

4. A sense of disengagement toward your job, or your co-workers. Maybe you don't have a team mentality as much as you used to.

5. Physical symptoms. Things like headaches, tired eyes, or a tight neck could be a sign you're over-worked, or holding a lot of stress.

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