Ashley Judd appeared on "Star Trek:  The Next Generation". In a 1991 episode called "The Game", everyone on the Enterprise is being controlled by a virtual reality game that stimulates the pleasure center of the brain.

As the only two people on the ship who haven't been taken over, Ashley and Will Wheaton have to PRETEND they're playing the game and, you know, feeling pleasure.

2.  Tina Fey voiced a pinball game. The game was Medieval Madness, and to be fair, it was a pretty popular pinball machine. Tina played two princesses one that was an opera singer, and another with a cockney accent. It came out in 1997.

3.  Amanda Seyfried was a cover model for young adult novels in 2003.  Titles included "My First Love and Other Disasters" and "Love & Betrayal & Hold the Mayo".

4.  Idris Elba delivered space pizza on a British TV show called "Space Precinct" back in 1994.

5.  Jennifer Lawrence was a high school mascot on an episode of "Monk" in 2006. Her appearance only lasted 44 seconds and she was in full costume for all but eight of them.