A survey asked 2,000 people what they like and hate to see on business cards. The results were interesting. In general, it's good to make it unique and memorable. Just don't go overboard.

Here are the top five mistakes people make with their business cards:

1. Using a goofy font, just to be different. Cards like that tend to look unprofessional.

2. Choosing a non-standard size or shape. Anything smaller than standard is too easy to lose or misplace.  And if you go bigger, it won't fit in people's wallets. 45% of people also said they hate it when business cards are a weird shape.

3. Missing key contact details. At least include your phone number and email, and a website if you have one. Things like Instagram and Twitter handles are good too.

4. Using cheap, flimsy card stock, or printing them at home.  It tends to look a little amateurish.  So if you can afford to do it, order them online or in a store.

5. Using too many colors.  A little flair is okay.  But when it doubt, keep it simple.  And don't fill the whole card up with text either.  There should be plenty of blank space, so it's not too cluttered.

Also, don't feel like you have to pay extra to get your photo on there. 40% of people said they don't like photos on business cards.  But it depends on the job.  Like if you're in real estate, it might be a good idea. Say you're a computer programmer, maybe not...