When the full moon rises just before 8:00 on Monday evening, it will be the final full moon of the summer. Autumn officially begins at 2:21 PM on Wednesday, September 22nd. 

Monday's full moon is known as the Harvest Moon. It is the name given to the full moon closest to the fall equinox.  This usually happens in September but can even occur in October.

Most of the time a season will have three full moons. This time around, however, four full moons take place in one season: between the June solstice and September equinox.

The next full moon in the summer season won't be until July 13.

Other names for the September moon come from the Native Americans.  They called it Barley Moon because it came at the time of harvesting and threshing the ripe barley. The Cherokee called it Nut Moon.  Their tribe gathered nuts and baked special bread to celebrate the harvest.

"Harvest Moon" was also the title of Neil Young's 19th studio album in 1992. The title track featured Linda Ronstadt on backing vocals.

Leon Redbone performed a cover of the song "Shine on Harvest Moon" in 1977. The original song was written in 1908 by the married Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth.

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