I've been an passionate Iowa basketball fan for the past 40 years. As with many Iowa fans, the excitement of the 1980 Final Four team, made me a dedicated Iowa fan for life. So you might imagine I "flipped out" when I saw this come across my Twitter feed.

Iowa Hawkeyes are a popular bet to win the 2021 college basketball national title...that's about 1/3 of all money wagered with William Hill US...more than twice as much as any other team.

Texas Tech v Iowa
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Hawkeye fans, like myself, will take exciting news like this everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. Not only are the bettors predicting the Hawks to win it all, also are some experts. CBS Sports' Tim Doyle was asked about who his pick to win in 2021 and he responded with the Hawkeyes. According to Hawkeye Insider Doyle stated:

"The reason is here is I think Luka Garza, only a junior is coming back to school. Jordan Bohannon is going to get a redshirt, and some would argue that he was going to be their best player going into last year," Doyle said. "With Bohannon out, Garza really emerged.  I will say this and I will keep a straight face. Iowa is the best state in the country because they believe in two things: sports and beer. I love you, Iowa."

Of course, Iowa fans went "bananas" with that quote and I'm guessing Doyle picked up some more Twitter followers. On side note; Garza's return is the key piece here. He did declare for the NBA draft, however, he has publicly stated, that if he's not guaranteed to be picked in the draft, he will be back. So, time will tell. As it will with the 2020/21 college basketball season, wouldn't that just be our luck Iowa fans? A legit shot at a college basketball title, ruined by this crazy coronavirus pandemic?

COVID-19 already took away a very realistic chance to make the "Sweet 16" a month ago, which would have been the first since 1999. Hopefully, for everyone's sake, the sports world will be back to "normal" by then. For now, all we can do is dream, and I'll take that. #GOHAWKS

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