HEADBANGERS UNITE!...for a fun show this summer at Q Casino in Dubuque...

Bust out the air guitars, throw up the devil's horns, try to squeeze into those spandex...and ROCK OUT...with the "Return to the Sunset Strip Tour" featuring Faster Pussycat with Bang Tango on Thursday, August 8th at 8pm. Faster Pussycat's songs include: “House of Pain” “Nonstop to Nowhere” & “Bathroom Wall”

No band epitomizes Hollywood sleaze more than Faster Pussycat
Countless bands have adopted their look and demeanor in order to try and ride the Hollywood wave to success. Most fail. For those bands it’s a costume…an act. For Faster Pussycat, it’s a way of life. They said it best in their own song “Sex, drugs & Rock-n-Roll” off their 2006 album “The Power and the Glory Hole”. However don’t be mistaken, they are much more than an image. First and foremost, they are a rock n roll band that has put out consistently great records and given it all on stage, where it counts the most.

Tickets can be purchased online at Q Casino and Hotel or at Guest Services inside the Q Casino. *Guests must be 21.

Check out their top 25 power ballad hit from 1989...and make sure to tune into the "House of Hair" show Saturday nights at 10pm, exclusively on 97-7 KCRR!

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