If you've ever been somewhere that has an HOV lane, you've lusted after driving in the empty lane when you're by yourself, because you could get to your destination so much faster.

For years, people have tried everything from mannequins to blow up dolls, but never have they worked for long.

On Wednesday, California Highway Patrol Officer S. Sullinger pulled a truck over because he couldn't see whether there was a passenger inside due to his tinted windows.

As he approached the vehicle's passenger side, Sullinger said he became suspicious when the man in the passenger seat didn't move or speak at all.

It was so realistic that he even had sunglasses in his shirt pocket and work boots on.

The driver said he had been driving with his "friend" for over a year, which has to be a record of some kind.

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HOV Lane violations usually end with a citation amounting about $490.

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