In the elevator, in the car, at work, at school, in large crowds or in the aisle at the grocery store. The fact is, flatulence is a normal thing we all do and it means you're healthy. That fact alone should give you freedom to just let it rip.

Yes, we all do it. Farting is normal. It's also funny and can be embarrassing. But, with the following facts, you may be able to resist being embarrassed by being armed with the knowledge that it's OK to fart. As my dad always says, it's OK to fart in the woods. The only piece of advice from my dad that I remember.

FACT #1: If you're an average person, you fart 14 times a day. We think that's a little low, but we're not average.

FACT #2: Your farts move like the wind...literally. And, they can be as fast as 10 feet per second. Sounds impressive, but that's only 6.8 MPH. My grandma walks faster than your farts.

FACT #3: Female farts smell more than male farts. A male farts more, but a female fart is smellier. Why? Because females have a higher level of hydrogen sulfide, which makes up your gas.

FACT #4: Smelling farts is actually good for you. So make sure you inhale deeply next time you or someone around you let's one loose.

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To go along with this is a short list of names we use to address our flatulence:

  1. Air Biscuit
  2. Anal Exhale
  3. Anus Applause
  4. Answering the Call of the Wild Burrito
  5. Brown Thunder
  6. Cornhole Clap
  7. Duck Call
  8. Fecal Fume
  9. O-ring Oboe
  10. Sphincter Whistle
  11. Taint Tickle
  12. Under Thunder

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