The latest trailer for The Matrix Resurrections is here, and it is full of images, actors, and even exact lines of dialogue from the very first Matrix movie back in 1999. While the trailer doesn’t reveal many specifics about the film, these echoes — or loops, as Morpheus calls them at one point in the trailer — give us some big clues about what Lana Wachowski’s fourth Matrix is actually about.

In our latest Matrix Resurrections video, we dive into this latest trailer, and explore all of the callbacks to The Matrix and what they suggest about the story of the movie. How does Jonathan Groff’s character connect to Agent Smith? Why does Neo have a new body? Why is Niobe so much older than Neo? Why is Morpheus young? What key does Trinity hold connecting all of these people? And ... is there a machine civil war in this movie? Watch the video to find out:

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