Is this going to be the new thing?

On March 1st, Australia will be rolling out even more personalized license plates than people are used to. Australians can now put Emoji's on their licence plates.

They are starting small with just the wink, smile and heart Emoji's but with how many there are available, you'd think that more will become available soon.

Looking at the picture of these emojis, there are so many that if I saw them on a license plate and that car cut me off, the emoji laughing or winking at me would definitely increase my own road rage.

Funny cartoon yellow emoji and emotions icon collection. Mood and facial emotion icons. Crying, smile, laughing, joyful, sad, angry and happy faces, emoticons vector set.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

I just wish we could change the emoji and let it reflect how you are feeling inside the car. If you mess up, there could be a "my bad" emoji that you could display to the person behind you.

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