HA! You think you can determine a song just by hearing the lyrics. That's funny. We want you to prove it with 'Elwin Reads the Hits' sponsored by McVay Custom Motorcycles

Every weekday around 3:50 P.M., you will have your chance to prove that you're either a lyrical genius or have a photographic memory. Elwin will read you lyrics from a Classic Rock tune. You need to be the first caller to the request line with the correct song title and artist to win.

This week (11/13 - 11/17) 'Elwin Reads the Hits' is sponsored by McVay Custom Motorcycles. You could win a $15 gift Certificate to McVay.

It's time to winterize that bike. McVay takes care of it all. McVay Custom Motorcycles will pick up your bike, winterize it and store it once they are done. BUT, there's limited space so call now to reserve your spot. 319-939-7679. McVay Custom Motorcycles - 5803 Waverly Rd - Cedar Falls.

McVay Custom Motorcycles
McVay Custom Motorcycles

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