Apparently, there are plenty of dudes out there who SWEAR it does.

And enough people have been talking about it that one writer even came up with a name for the phenomenon: "Summer penis." That's not the most clever or creative name, but it definitely gets the point across.

So why do some dudes think the summer makes them bigger down below? Here are a few theories from urologists, sex coaches, and other experts...

1. Heat makes things expand. Since it's hot out, that includes your junk.
2. You're more active in the summer, doing things like hiking and swimming, which gets your blood pumping...and that can make your junk a little larger.
3. When it's warm, the blood vessels in your body are more relaxed, and that extra blood flow can make your junk a little longer and fuller.
4. The testes hang lower when it's hot out, so that can make everything down there look bigger.
5. It's all in your imagination!

My question is...does the opposite happen in the winter time? "Winter Penis"? (can you say "shrinkage"?) Sounds like a good excuse to me...

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