Spoiler alert: The report I found regarding how much Iowans (and people all over the United States) sleep has absolutely nothing to do with corn. Sorry, I duped ya.

It does reveal some interesting findings though, and how we in the Hawkeye State snooze compared to the rest of the country. Believe it or not, Iowa ranks 12th among the rest of the 50 states in how much we sleep per night, according to this article from USA Today.

The article elaborates, saying only 33.1 percent of adult Iowans get less than 7 hours of sleep per night (the Sleep Foundation says adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, on average). It added that the average Iowan has "3.5 mentally unhealthy days a month," but the article didn't elaborate as to what that meant and how it related to the quality or quantity of sleep.

So, do with that what you will, I suppose.

Of the remaining 49 states, Hawaii's adults have the worst sleeping habits, as the article states that 43.2 percent of its population gets less than seven hours of sleep per night and that they have 3.4 mentally unhealthy days a month.

Minnesotans take the cake for the state that gets the most sleep, as just 29.1 percent of the adult population in the Land of 10,000 Lakes gets fewer than seven hours of sleep per night.

If you happen to be unaware, the importance of sleep for humans can hardly be overstated. Medical News Today lists nine of the biggest benefits of getting regular, good-quality sleep:

  1. Better memory and performance
  2. Lower weight gain risk
  3. Better calorie regulation
  4. Greater athletic performance
  5. Lower risk of heart disease
  6. More emotional and social intelligence
  7. Preventing depression
  8. Lower inflammation
  9. Stronger immune system

eMediHealth adds the negatives of not getting enough sleep:

  1. Affects memory and brain function
  2. Affects heart health
  3. Weakens immunity
  4. Causes depression
  5. Contributes to weight gain
  6. Increases risk of diabetes
  7. Leads to fatigue-related incidences
  8. Kills sex drive

If you or anyone you know needs help getting more sleep, Matthew Walker is a neuroscientist who studies sleep and has been incredibly helpful to thousands of people seeking more high-quality rest. He's given a TedTalk on the subject, is the author of Why We Sleep, has made appearances on podcasts like the Huberman Lab podcast and the Joe Rogan Experience, and more.

A few videos of his are tagged below:

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