If you were to ask me a year ago if I believed there was life on other planets in the universe, I would probably chuckle and say "no, probably not." However with the way 2020 is going and making it seem like anything is possible, I think my answer has changed. What do you believe?

There is a new study that has come out from YouGov which polled Americans on whether they believe that there is life on other planets besides Earth. Now if you believe that there is, then you would be with the majority of this group. It seems that 47% of Americans believe that basic life forms exist on other planets which is half of Americans.

Personally, I don't find this surprising as Americans seem to have a fascination when it comes to alien life forms- I mean just look at our movies and books all about them. What I hope is that if there are aliens out there, they are at least nicer than our movies make them out to be and that they are not green little forms because that is just weird.

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