The white flag is out on Iowa's Virtual Dirt Track Classic. It's the final day you can vote during the Bill Colwell Ford Main Event. You can find out who wins tonight.

Each of our five divisions are seeing a great side-by-side battle for the lead in our virtual race. Your votes power you favorite drivers to go faster, and the voting for the 2nd annual Iowa's Virtual Dirt Track Classic ends tonight (Feb 16, 2017) at 5:00 PM. The voting is tight, and would not take much for one driver to pass the other.

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We will reveal the champions tonight in a special Facebook Live feed on K-98.5's Facebook Page at 8:45 PM. You will want to catch it live, because the replay will not be available until Friday morning. You can click below to get a Facebook reminder when the video goes live.

Who will win? Will Chris Zogg beat Kelly Shryock for the Modified championship? Will Tyler Droste (Late Model) and Tony Olson (SportMod/Bmod) defend their Iowa's Virtual Dirt Track Classic title or will Jeff Aieky and Clint Luellen put down the kings? Benji Irvine lead most of the Bill Colwell Ford Main Event, but Weton Koop has mounted an attack for the Hobby Stock title. Damon Murty and Nathan Wood are 'virtually' side-by-side when the white flag came out.

Which of our five champions will be crowned as the over Bill Colwell Ford Main Event overall champion (most votes from all three rounds)? We find out tonight at 8:45 PM.

Car Photos Courtesy: Speedway Souvenir, Dawn Shryock, Dawn Stoakes, Nathan Wood, Weston Koop, Marc Homolar, Chris Zogg, Clint Luellen, and Townsquare Media Waterloo.

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