The idea of social distancing and quarantining over the past couple of months has been a challenge for everybody. Like many people, Crystal and Aaron Olson faced the daunting task of day-to-day life inside the house, trying to stay sane, and keep a 4 1/2 and 7 year old entertained. Then what started out as whim for the local photographers, taking some fun family photo's, morphed into "Our Quarantine Project".

The idea of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic was weighing heavily on Crystal's mind. She needed a way for herself and her family to think positive, they needed some inspiration to keep them going. Then the idea came of taking some funny photos to document their family quarantine. The project started in early April and has grown to a collection of 40+ photos. The family works together to make the "photo shoots" happen, gathering together props and clothes. Then Crystal sets up the lighting and uses a tripod and a timer to take the photos. Aaron jumps in with his expertise of editing and using Photo Shop.

The project has been so popular that Crystal is gauging interest in creating a book of their Quarantine Project. Plus, on their Facebook page the Olson's have even taken photo idea requests and challenged followers to see who can come up with the best idea for their next post. Scroll down to browse through some photos from popular movies and music. Check out the McKenna/McNelly Photography Facebook page to see the entire collection of photos.

If you're thinking what I'm thinking...wouldn't it be fun to have my family's photo taken like that? The Olson's, the owners of McKenna McNelly Photography the past 13 years, will be offering parody sessions as the restrictions continue to loosen, and businesses start to open back up.

Finally, as the photo above refers to, instead of going "Back To The Future", let's hope we can get "Back To The Old Normal" sometime soon.

The Olson Family's Quarantine Project

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