Yet another winter storm is fast approaching us in Northeast Iowa. You could either whine and cry about it or you could have some fun with it.  To help you with some ideas, here are some crazy ways to survive a winter storm.

1. Determine which family member you would eat first, then tell them: There's really not a lot of things that are funnier than creeping someone out or completely destroying any trust that they had for you, through humor of course. Trapped for a few days? Then Donner Party it is. The key to this one is keeping a straight face or laughing uncontrollably.

2. Mock People on Social Media: Sure, it's not the nicest way to spend time on social media, but  for your own well-being, it may be necessary to ward of any crazy that might set in. Plus, we live in Iowa. This stuff happens every year. This is NOT out of the norm.

3. Pour lemonade in the snow and eat it: You know the old saying, "don't eat yellow snow". So, when no one is looking write your name in the snow with lemonade. Then, make sure to eat it when EVERYONE is looking.

4. Dare a family member to jump in the snow naked, then lock the door: Sure, it could induce hypothermia, but it's not like you won't call the paramedics, JUST in time.

And Finally....

5. Pour water on your significant's vehicle: While she/he sleeps, step outside with a nice bucket of water and pour it on their vehicle. Make sure to do this multiple times, giving the previous pour time to freeze. Make sure to get the door handles.

Good luck and if any of you do this, you shouldn't be allowed to have friends. These are JUST JOKES and are not meant for real life. I was bored so I thought of some humorous things.


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