Crap!!! Zomething Zifferent, AGAIN! We are confused as to why, since it was horrible to begin with, but Zima is poised for a comeback.

Are you in the mood for zomething zophisticited, beverage-wise? AdAge reports that MillerCoors is planning the revive Zima, the clear malt liquor that was the opposite of grunge in the ’90s. In 2012, Pete Coors blamed Zima’s demise on introducing a golden version of the elixir that bore a distinct resemblance in sight and taste to urine. “We killed the brand, frankly,“ he said at the time. But you know what didn’t kill the brand? Zima’s TV pitchman, who looked like a sexy version of Larry from Perfect Strangers and replaced every “s“ with a “z.“ That waz zenzational!

(Source: AdAge)





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