Valentine's Day. If there ever was a day to celebrate our relationship independence with gusto and cynicism, this is the day. That's exactly what I'm going to do with Cory's Top Classic Rock Valentine's Day Songs.

Since 496 A.D. men have been scrambling to get last minute items together for their loved one(s). Yep, it's actually not a holiday started by card companies. It was actually a pagan holiday to begin with then, transformed into a crock of hooey.

I for one do not spend a lot of energy on this holiday. I think we should be showering love on our significant others all year. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I couldn't even say it. Anyway, I'm just having fun and now the list.

The Police - 'Every Breath You Take': This is NOT a love song. It's a song from the point of view of a STALKER. Yes, it seems innocent, but really it's about felonious over-attention to a single person, that doesn't know your there.


Eagles - 'Already Gone': Just you try to break up with me, because I'm already gone. SUCKA!


Tom Petty - 'You Got Lucky': Petty reaches out to his girl in this song to let her know how lucky she is to have met him. Condescending love songs are the best.


Phil Collins - 'I Don't Care Anymore': When you get to the point that you have no choice but to write a song about how you don't care anymore, you know you're moving on. This song has done wonders for me during break ups. I even like to send it to the ex every now and then to alert her to the fact that she dumped the wrong man. LOL!


Motley Crue - 'Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)': All break ups should be like this. Hey, don't be mad princess, just go somewhere else. You're not welcome here. With celebratory fervor, the Crue does a good job of shoeing away the unwanted love.


Don't think I don't enjoy love. I do, but it's more fun to make fun of it. If you're with you soulmate or the love of your life, then we commend you and wish you the happiest of Valentine's Days. If you're sitting on the couch eating ice cream out of the tub at night like I am, this post is for you.



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