Ann Wilson of Heart will be at the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center on the Campus of the University of Northern Iowa on Wednesday, June 21st.

KCRR's Cory Ford will be interview Ann via phone tomorrow (Wednesday, June 14th) and he wants to know if you have a question for her.

Seriously, just submit your question below and Cory will choose a couple from the submissions to ask Ann. Be nice though. Any questions deemed inappropriate by our staff or Ann's staff will not make it to the airwaves. You can ask about anything you want, but we would suggest staying away from the internal strife happening within the Heart camp currently. We believe that even celebrities deserve a personal life and this situation is personal and a family matter.

Check out Ann's latest release 'Anguish' off of her new album The Ann Wilson Thing EP #2 and visit her website for more on Ann, her tour and life on the road. (Ann Wilson's Website)

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