This June, the beverage company Molson Coors had recently pulled its most popular beers off the shelves. A number of videos supposedly showing “slime” pouring out of cans of Coors Light and Keystone Light beer may be the cause for it.

Here is a video found on Twitter of the slime-like beer:

The Coors Light Twitter account has even responded to others complaining about the odd occurrence.

Molson Coors started recalling their items after being alerted to an issue with their Coors Light and Keystone Light beers produced in Trenton, Ohio. As there is no food safety risk the beers are still being pulled off of store shelves to "not disappoint customers."

Here’s one video from TikTok that was viewed more than 2 million times:

A Molson Coors spokesperson shared the following statement with Nexstar:

“There has been no recall of Coors Light or Keystone Light, and there are no food-safety issues related to either beer. We recently became aware of an issue on only one canning line at only one of our breweries that supplies these two beers to a relatively small number of states. The impacted product does not pose a food-health risk, but it doesn’t meet our quality standards. As a result we chose to work with our distributors and retailers to voluntarily withdraw impacted packs from the market. Any consumers with questions are encouraged to reach out to our quality hotline at 1-800-645-5376.”


Dierbergs is a Supermarket chain in St. Louis Missouri. They posted these specific Coors items that were removed from shelves.

  • Coors Light 12 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-00048
  • Coors Light 18 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-30017
  • Coors Light 24 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-31600
  • Coors Light 30 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-30030
  • Keystone Light 15 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-48045
  • Keystone Light 24 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-48006

Coors Products are still available for purchase. Happy Drinking!

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