Before the legendary Vince Lombardi was hired as the Packers head coach and general manager in 1959, the rest of that decade was a disaster as far as wins and losses go. However, they did have some pretty sweet uniforms in the early '50s.

On Thursday, the Green Bay Packers revealed their new, history-inspired third uniform: the 1950s Classic Uniform.  As explains, "the 50s Classic Uniform is inspired by the team's uniforms from 1950-1953, which was the second time the team wore green and gold in its history. The Packers first wore green in the mid-to-late 1930s."

The Packers may end up wearing these alternate uniforms more than once

The website also explained that "the NFL's third jersey program permits teams to have a third jersey that they can wear for up to three games per season (no more than two home games) over a five-year period."

Before Vikings and Bears fans make fun of them and say "they sure look a lot like the Oregon Ducks jerseys, the Ducks uniforms are more of a neon green, and the Packers' are more a pure traditional green color. Besides, the Packers wore these uniforms 70 years ago, way before Phil Knight and Nike came along throwing all kinds of money at the Oregon football program.

If you're a Packer fan, like me, any new retro uniform is going to be better than the navy blue jerseys with the tan pants that they've worn from time to time. In my opinion, those were TERRIBLE! The team also wore an all-white uniform in 2016 and 2017 as part of the NFL's "color rush" (which was marked with a mixed response from fans).

The new all-green uniforms will debut at Lambeau Field on Sunday, October 24th against the Washington Football Team.

Check out the Packers "hype" video below for their new "throwbacks"


See more photos below in the Packers' Facebook post...


If you want to purchase anything in the "50s Classic Collection" just head to the Packers Pro Shop.

Green Bay will kick-off the 2021-22 regular season on Sunday, September 12th at the New Orleans Saints.

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