The numbers make sense.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services figured that the average daily cost of a retirement home is $188 a day. But if you get the senior rate at an average Holiday Inn, it would just be $59.23 a night.

Plus, at a hotel over a nursing home you'd get: Housekeeping services, Continental breakfast, complementary toiletries, exercise room, pool, laundry, hotel bar and socializing in the lobby.

Now granted the hotel room itself is designed to help the elderly, the hotel staff is not. Sure the workers will change your bed sheets everyday but they are not there to assist people with bathroom needs or other physical limitations. But for elderly people, especially on a fixed budget, this might be a unique way to spend the twilight of a persons life.

But what does this really say about the health care options for the elderly when a person can get almost the same kind of care and attention at a hotel as they can at a nursing home.

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