When my oldest daughter was just a baby in the early 90's, I worked nights at a radio station, while my wife worked 1st shift. To save on daycare expenses, I would watch her until my wife got home from work. When she was done watching "Barney" and "Blues Clues" and it was time for a nap, then it was time for Daddy to switch on my magical Nintendo gaming system and play the greatest video game ever made.

Today, (July 8th) we celebrate National Video Game Day, from "Pong" to "Super Mario" and from "Call of Duty" to "Fortnite", video games have a long history, in fact, today, there are over five million games in existence. But the all- time greatest, in my opinion, and millions of others, was released in 1991. The game was "Tecmo Super Bowl", played on a Nintendo 8-bit video game console. Looking back, the graphics were both hideous (compared to today's games) and glorious at the same time.

Tecmo Super Bowl was the first game to be endorsed by the NFL. So, that meant you could play entire seasons as your favorite team with real player's names. At that time, I was still a Miami Dolphins fan, (before Brett Favre came along) so I always played as the Miami Dolphins with Dan Marino at quarterback. But every Tecmo Super Bowl fan knows, if you really wanted to have fun, play as the Raiders, with Bo Jackson at running back. Jackson was unstoppable and easily the greatest video game athlete of all time.

To prove the games greatness and popularity, there is a 2020 version available and fans of the game still get together for tournaments to this day. Tecmo Super Bowl is truly one-of-a-kind. Later on, I graduated on to a Playstation console and the ever-popular "Madden" video game. Yah, it's great, the graphics are far superior, but it will never top the fun I had with Tecmo Super Bowl.

Here's some stats from a National Today survey:

Courtesy - National Today
Courtesy - National Today
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