America celebrates her birthday on Monday and wouldn't you know, as a Cedar Falls resident, this year I can (legally) blow off some fireworks. In case you hadn't heard, the city recently made fireworks legal.

What changed is, starting this year, on July 3 and 5 from Noon until 10:00 pm, and on July 4 from Noon until 11:00 pm, residents can light off fireworks within the city limits.

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With the changes in the law, KWWL is reporting many of the fireworks tents are selling out of fireworks... fast. A quick drive up and down University Avenue in Cedar Falls, you'll see the parking lot landscape dotted with fireworks tents, each offering the best deals.

In prior years, Cedar Falls had a strict "no tolerance" policy on fireworks in city limits, but the tents were still present as fireworks remain legal in Iowa. A quick visit to these tents in past years, from personal experience, I can tell you there was always a lot of supply.

Johnny Marks/TSM
You can light these bad boys off in Cedar Falls this year - be safe! Johnny Marks/TSM

Under the new laws, Cedar Falls now allows many fireworks, with the following rules and provisions:

  • First and second-class consumer fireworks are allowed during the designated times and dates (as listed above).
  • The use of fireworks is only allowed on the firework users' property (owned, not rented).
  • Unless a permit has been obtained, fireworks are not permitted on city-owned property, public sidewalks, right of ways, streets, parks, or parking lots.
  • All consumer fireworks debris must be removed.
  • The use of consumer fireworks that mimic display fireworks or rise to 150 decibels or 210 feet elevation is banned from use at all times within city limits unless the user has obtained a permit.
  • Novelty fireworks including party poppers, snappers, toy smoke devices, snakes and glow worms, and wire sparklers are allowed year-round.

Are you going to be lighting off fireworks this year? If so, be safe! Have those 10 fingers and toes come Monday Tuesday morning!

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