A woman in Ankeny is now homeless after a fire.

Had the flame started in the kitchen, due to faulty wiring, or a lit cigarette came in contact with something flammable, this story would still make headlines. It'd also be much less of a captivating story.

As first reported by KCCI, "Police are investigating how a car flew into the side of a townhome on Southeast Mallard Creek Drive at about 1 a.m. Monday."

The owner of the home, Jo Ellen Myers was sound asleep when the vehicle sailed onto her deck and plowed through her living room.

In an interview with KCCI, Myers had this to say of the crash:

I heard this sonic boom, and my house actually rattled. The car -- when it hit -- it just threw the furniture.

Though the exact point at which set the home ablaze wasn't given in detail, Ankeny fire chief James S. Clack said it was difficult to contain the fire due to gasoline and oil that had spilled from the car.


Myers said that she and her granddaughter rummaged through the rubble to determine if any of her belongings were left intact after the smoke and flood damage, but all that was left was "One ornament is all that's left of her Christmas tree. An angel, a cross, and a cherished picture her son painted are still intact."

Myers told KCCI that she remains thankful during this holiday season because she still has her family and made it out of the crash and the flames with her life.

The site adds that "Police are still investigating what happened leading up to the crash and are looking for the driver. They did locate two juveniles who jumped out and ran after the crash."

A GoFundMe has been started to help Myers.

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