Last month, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds mentioned that certain sections of her emergency proclamation won't be extended beyond this Saturday, July 25, 2020. One of those was the section pertaining to the suspension of the requirement for stores in Iowa to accept cans and bottles.

Section 109:
"Iowans and retailers should not expect that this suspension will be extended beyond July 25, 2020, and retailers may choose to begin accepting empty beverage containers before this date with limits on the number of containers per customer or the hours during which containers will be accepted in order to phase in the resumption of redemption."

Starting in Mid-March, grocery, retail and convenience stores had the option to stop taking cans and bottles due to the public health emergency that was declared. That meant a significant amount of increase in business for redemption centers across the state. However, over the past couple of weeks, at least one local store began accepting the returnables before July 26.

Three of Hy-Vee's locations have been participating in this "phase in", by accepting bottles and cans on limited basis. These include the Crossroads, Ansborough Ave. and the Cedar Falls locations, it does not include the Logan Avenue location. Customers are allowed to use the redemption machines that automatically count your returns. However, customers are not allowed to bring empty cans and bottles to the counter to be redeemed in person. The three Hy-Vee locations mentioned allow only one person in the can/bottle redemption room, and a maximum of $6 per day per person in returns.

If you're like most people, you've probably got bags and more bags of redeemable pop cans and beer bottles stacked up in your garage. Just a suggestion, but I'm guessing the lines will be really long on Sunday (7/26) with everyone trying to cash in. So, maybe wait a few days to head to your favorite retailer, or continue to support the redemption centers around the area. An even better idea, just donate your cans and bottles to help out great local organizations like the Cedar Bend Humane Society on West Airline Highway in Waterloo. They have a fenced-in cage in front of the building, it's quick, easy, less mess and the money goes to a good cause.

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