The Christmas season is usually a time of celebrating and joy, but that was not the case for one Cedar Valley business. On Christmas Day the owner of Cedar Falls restaurant Bobby Q's Hawaiian Grill made two somewhat conflicting posts on social media.

The initial one notified customers that they would be closing up shop in the very near future.

"I know that this is not the news that you want to hear, especially on Christmas, but I no longer have the ability to do this work alone; therefore, I have been forced to close the restaurant," owner Bobby Quang said.

This Facebook post was taken down the next day.

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Then a few hours later, on December 25th another post went up. In this social media statement, Quang thanked the customers for their support and concern.

He also said that the business would be open on December 26th during their regular business hours and encouraged customers with gift cards to come in and use them asap!

Located at 6826 University Avenue in Cedar Falls, this restaurant serves "Hawai'i Style comfort street food." There was no official closing date for Bobby Q's that was announced to the public.

However, there is no closing date in sight now...

Approximately twenty-four hours after the initial Facebook post went up, another social media statement was released by the owner of Bobby Q's. In this one, Quang apologized for any confusion and for the unclear message he put up.

Initially, the business would close due to the owner wanting to focus on a new project. He did not want this secondary project to take a backseat to the restaurant. Quang believes this project in the long run will be better for him and his wife.

"However, since making the post so many of you have asked how you can help and I am happy to say we will be staying open for the time being!"

So, Bobby Q's will not be closing its doors! Whether or not this is only temporary or permanent is unclear.

"The future of Bobby’s is bright and we’re excited for this journey."

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