The stories of Black Sabbath's exploits with excess are pretty well documented, but in a new documentary titled The Doom Doc, drummer Bill Ward reflects on his playing days with the band and shares his thoughts on playing while under the influence of drink and drug.

Ward appears in the new documentary The Doom Doc, which focuses on the doom metal scene, but the drummer goes in depth in a new clip discussing the band's heyday and playing shows under the influence while showing some regret for his past actions.

The drummer states in the clip above that he tried to curtail his drinking to mostly after shows so it wouldn't affect his performance as much, but does admit that he had tried things like cocaine and LSD. Speaking about the experience, he stated, "I found no real solutions or real enjoyment in playing that way onstage. I was realizing I could have really f--ked everything up."

The drummer adds, "In hindsight, and I've had plenty of time to look at that, I was taking huge risks with not only my performance but with the entire performance and I recognize how foolish that was."

Ward states that he leaves it up to others what they want to do, but it's his sincere hope that if they do try drugs while playing that they're able to eventually come out on the other side surviving the experience.

In addition to Ward, the Doom Doc features interviews with fellow Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice, Crowbar's Kirk Windstein and members of Conan, Primitive Man, Slabdrgger, Wet Nuns, Kurokuma and more. The Connor Matheson-helmed film was crowdfunded on a small budget and takes a look at the underground doom, stoner and sludge metal scene, featuring a mix of interviews and live performances.

There will be a premiere for the film Sunday, July 9 in Sheffield, England at the Showroom, after which it's expected that the movie will be entered into film festivals for additional screenings. To learn more about the film, check out the website here and watch the trailer for The Doom Doc below.

The Doom Doc Trailer

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