Everyone dreams of winning the lottery... Matching a few numbers, or scratching off that glorious mega money winner... That dream just became a realty for a Black Hawk County man. He scored a $50,000 lottery prize win.

31 year old Trenton Schiller of La Porte City, won the big prize in the Iowa Lottery’s '7' scratch off game. He was running errands and stopped at the Casey’s in La Porte City and purchased a ticket, according to the Iowa Lottery's press release sent to this station.

Schiller told the Iowa Lottery when he went to grab his prize,

We’re going to put some away for our two daughters, and then probably save the rest.

My guess is he'll also be expected to buy everyone in his circle or friends and family beer for the next 8-10 years... $50,000 can buy a LOT of rounds, after all.

According to the Iowa Lottery, The 7 scratch game is a $5 game that features seven top prizes of $50,000 and overall odds of 1 in 3.72.

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