Albatrosses are the world's largest seabird and spend nearly their entire life at sea, far away from humans.

But one Royal Albatross in New Zealand has the attention of the world after finding fame for its crash landing.

The video was taken at the Taiaroa Head Nature Reserve in Dunedin and shows an albatross attempting to land, but ends up on its face, kicking its legs frantically, trying to get back on its feet.

Not only was its embarrassing moment seen by millions of humans, the bird's chick witnessed the not-so-graceful landing.

Perhaps the parent albatross was simply showing its six-week-old hatchling how to NOT land.

Albatrosses have been known to fly as fast as 50 MPH, so it's no wonder it flipped over so aggressively when attempting its landing.

For what it's worth, the word "albatross" is a homonym. Not only is it a seabird, but it also means "something burdensome that impedes action or progress."

Apparently the albatross for this albatross is --- landing.

You can watch the 24-hour live stream below:

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