Beware... The holidays are here. Relationships sometimes suffer over Christmas battles. Here are some relationship issues that can pop up around the holidays:

  • Holiday spending. Especially if you're not honest about it, or you go way overbudget.  Between presents, plane tickets, parties, and decorations, it's an expensive time of year. Best thing to do, make a budget together, and try to stick to it.
  • Resentment over where you're spending the holidays.  They might SAY they don't care that they always spend Christmas with your family every year.  But they secretly might wish they have a year with THEIR family.
  • Drinking that gets out of hand. We drink twice as much during the holiday, according to a recent survey. And that alone can cause drama.
  • Holiday traditions that clash. Just try to compromise, so one person doesn't hog the holidays.  Either try to incorporate both of your traditions, or do a trade-off, where one person takes the lead this year, and the other person gets their traditions next year
  • Drama with the in-laws. It's easy for family stress to cause problems in your relationship too. Especially if one of you already has issues with the other person's family. So just be mindful of it, and try to stay on the same team.
  • Gifts that don't measure up. Like if one of you puts way more effort into their gift, or spends more than the other person. That's why agreeing on a budget might be a good idea.  Set a max of $50 or $100, and then stick to it.

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