A new survey from a digital trends website asked 2,000 people what our top basic human rights should be in 2018. Predictably, free WI-FI made the top ten. The first few could have been the same a hundred years ago, but the top 10 are pretty fascinating:

1.  Access to water.

2.  The right to a fair trial.

3.  Freedom of speech.

4.  Free healthcare.

5.  Access to shelter.

6.  Being allowed to marry whoever you want.

7.  The right to be loved.

8.  A guaranteed pension.

9.  Always getting a seat on a train, bus, or the subway.

10.  Free Wi-Fi. (AMEN!)

Others that scores lots of votes include: phone-charging stations, the right to a 4G signal and a phone battery that lasts more than a day also got a lot of votes. Say what you will, we're an easy nation to please...