Here is a list of rock and metal bands that have swapped instruments onstage. Because it's always an experience to watch a band switch musical instruments with each other!

After all, when a rock or metal band swaps instruments onstage, we're witnessing something that we usually don't get from the group, giving the performance an air of rarity.

Plus, the musicians get a chance to show their talent on a tool other than their primary one. But often, the whole thing is simply a lark for the band — whether it sounds good or bad.

See our list below.

Then again, some bands swap instruments with each other as a matter of course — especially in indie rock. In some situations, bands do the swap depending on which musician in the group wrote the song and/or sings the lead vocal.

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But does swapping instruments always work? That's really up to the listener to decide.

Can you think of a band that's swapped instruments onstage for a song or two? How about others who do it much more often?

We've got ten examples for you below. Underneath that, see another list of rock and metal albums that became classics despite failing critically.

10 Bands That Swapped Instruments Onstage

Ever seen a rock or metal band swap instruments onstage? Here's a list of 10 bands that did just that.

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