Presenting eBay item number 174686678881:

A Bazooka-shaped Cheeto.

The listing from ryan_m_f says that this Cheeto is a:

Highly sought after one of a kind item that would be a perfect gift for any history buff or fans of the crunchy orange snack.

Who am I to argue that any history buff would love to add this to their collection of World War II Memorabilia, or use it as a snack paired with more cheetos.

As of Thursday morning (3/18) there have been zero bids on the 'Cheeto Bazooka.' Opening bid is $5. Or you could spend that $5 on an entire bag Cheetos from your local grocery store.

Hurry, the auction ends Sunday, March 21. The Cheeto Bazooka ships from Pittsburgh.

ryan_m_f via eBay
ryan_m_f via eBay


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