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More eyes will be watching Waterloo motorists in the near future. The city's Automated Traffic Enforcement Program is being expanded to six other busy intersections.

According to Waterloo police, the completion of various road construction projects, expanded traffic studies and increased bicycle and pedestrian traffic have led to the expansion of the program that began in 2017. The cameras were initially installed to catch red light violators, but their use was expanded to include speeding citations in 2019.

Now, the automated devices will soon be operating in other areas of Waterloo. Red light and speed cameras are being installed at the following intersections:

  • Ansborough Avenue and West Ridgeway Avenue
  • Franklin Street and East 5th Street (Southbound)
  • Franklin Street and East 6th Street (Northbound)
  • Mitchell Avenue and Washington Street/U.S. Highway 218
  • San Marnan Drive and La Porte Road
  • U.S. Highway 218 and Broadway Street

The newly installed cameras will issue warnings for the first 30 days after installation to allow motorists to adapt to their driving habits, police said. Authorities will start issuing automated traffic citations after the 30-day grace period ends.

Traffic fines issued by the Automatic Traffic System do not count against a motorist's insurance or driving record.

Once the new automated traffic devices are in place, cameras will be covering 19 high-profile intersections in Waterloo. Currently, there are 13 cameras at the following six intersections:

  • Parker Street and Broadway Street
  • San Marnan Drive and Shopper's Boulevard
  • Sergeant Road/U.S. Highway 62 and West Ridgeway Avenue
  • Washington Street and West 6th Street
  • Washington Street and West 11th Street
  • Williston Avenue and Baltimore Street

In addition to the 13 intersection cameras, Waterloo police also have mobile systems inside two jeeps (Rambo) that officers park at various locations throughout the city.

Courtesy: Waterloo Police Dept.
Courtesy: Waterloo Police Dept.

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