Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a helicopter crash 29 years ago today.

There was four helicopters reserved to fly the artists and their crews back to Chicago from their just finished concerts in East Troy, WI. One helicopter was reserved for Stevie & Jimmie Vaughan and Jimmie's wife, Connie. But members of Eric Clapton’s crew (manager, bodyguard, agent) had already taken seats on the helicopter when they tried to board.

Stevie asked Jimmie and Connie for the last seat.

As the pilot tried to navigate through dense fog -- after traveling just over 1/2 a mile --the helicopter slammed into a ski slope. All five on board were killed instantly.

The previous day, Stevie Ray Vaughan had told his bandmates a dream he had where he witnessed his own funeral.

He was only 35-years-old.

Credit: MisterMoop via YouTube

This is the last song that Stevie Ray Vaughan ever played:


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