Don't get me wrong, Iowan's are pretty good at some things. We had a hand in inventing the computer, vending machines, trampolines, the gas tractor, heck even sliced bread. One thing some Iowan's are NOT good at? Driving...

Dear Iowa Drivers:
Ok, fellow Iowan's, we need to talk. I've got a "bone to pick" with y'all about your driving. Now, I'm not a "road rage" type of guy. And even though my daughters would say differently, I do NOT drive like a "grandpa". (Full disclosure, I'm not perfect, I've had my "run-ins", from a parking space, I did back into a COP in a parking lot once, but that story is for a different day.) However, I do have many "pet peeves" about things I see drivers doing on the streets and highways everyday.

Let's count down my top 5.
5. - Turn signals are not optional, if you do actually use them, try thinking ahead and not turning them on 2 seconds before you're going to turn.
4. - Tailgating, the more you tailgate me, the slower I go, that's the way it works.
3. - Get off your cell phones, the number of people I see staring at their cell phones while they're driving just blows my mind, experts say texting at the wheel is more dangerous than drunk driving, it's the leading killer on our roadways, enough said...
2. - Drive the speed limit (speed up) - sometimes I get stuck behind drivers and it feels like a funeral procession, if the speed limit is 30, go 30...don't make things worse than they already are..."punch it Granny", I've got places to go and people to see.
1. - Drive the speed limit (slow down) - this is my #1 pet peeve, I can be driving down the highway going the speed limit (70 mph) and car after car and truck after truck will just fly past me. To pass me that fast, they have to be going at least 90 mph. Seems dangerous and I have the data to back it up...

Iowan's have their "pedal to the metal", according to our state is in the top 10, as far as, the most speeding tickets in 2020. We're ranked #2 in the nation, only behind Virginia. 17.55% of drivers have gotten a speeding ticket, and 4.35% of drivers have a suspended license. Plus, we're in Insurify's top 10 most dangerous states for driving with 30% of drivers having a moving violation and approximately 13% getting in an accident.

In summary, with a busy time of the year for driving quickly approaching, (winter-time and the holidays) I think we all could drive a little more safe. Besides, to quote Ellen from one of my favorite movies of all time, "Clark stop it!, I don't wanna spend the holidays dead"...

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