Iowa is a flat state full of pretty much the same thing over and over again. That doesn't mean we don't like Iowa. In fact, we love it here. Most people outside of Iowa always ask what we do for fun. Our response is always, "more than Nebraska". We also use our creativity and wit in the most unexpected places. Like the amazingly awesome Iowa town slogans.

Thanks to, we found some of the best town slogans in Iowa. What do you think?

  • Readlyn - 857 friendly people & one old grump
  • Stuart - Home of 1,700 good eggs and a few stinkers.
  • Lake City - Everything but a lake.
  • Pilot Mound - Where every day's a holler day
  • Denver - The Mile Wide City
  • Beaman - You're Not Dreamin'....You're in Beaman.
  • Aredale - It's not your Dale, It's not my Dale, it's Aredale.

And there's more. Click here for the rest of the list and the author's very own made up town slogans. HILARIOUS and Only in Iowa.


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