When it comes to fries, I don't tend to be too picky. Whether they're waffle, crinkle, cottage, steak, shoestring, curly, or smothered in cheese, I'll eat them. The only exception is sweet potato fries, which I've just never acquired a taste for...

If you're looking for the best fries in the state of Iowa, a new study from Eat This says that they can be found right here in Cedar Rapids! According to the article, Saucy Focaccia has the most delicious fries in the Hawkeye State. The post reads:

"Bacon Mac and Cheese Fries? Yes, please! One of the choices for Saucy Focaccia's famously delicious fries is a topping of fried macaroni and creamy cheese. There are many other choices, like Mexi-fries with jalapeño, tomato, sour cream, cheesy sauce, and the crowd-pleasing chili fries."

Other popular picks include the Pork BBQ Fries, topped with pork, BBQ sauce, and cheesy sauce, and the Hot & Spicy Fries, topped with diced jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, and habanero sauce. Oh, and you can swap fries for tater tots if you want! I know they're not *technically* fries, but they're close enough.


I've had the fries from Saucy Focaccia several times, so I can confirm that they are fantastic. I especially love them smothered in the pepper jack cheese sauce. YUM!

Who do you think has the best fries in Eastern Iowa? We'd love to hear your suggestions! Check out some more of our favorites and then leave yours in the comments!

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