Their first steps are magical. Their first words are adorable. Their first taste of ice cream is... priceless. Meet Blakely. She's nine months old and is experiencing her first journey into womanhood, by getting that sweet first taste of ice cream. Her reaction to her first lick will have you in tears, as her eyes widen and hand grasp the frozen custard treat.

Her parents recorded the whole encounter and her mother can be heard dying of laughter as her pride and joy gorges herself in delight. The video was shared on tik tok and has since gone viral. Her mom told TODAY  "I honestly have no idea (why I started recording). I never do stuff like that, my husband was giving her bites, so her back was to me, but I heard him laughing at her faces, and he gave her a lick of the ice cream. I was like, 'Turn her around so I can see!' And I was laughing and thought 'I should record this.'" Read the full article here.

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