Most five-year-olds spend their time in kindergarten, learning fine motor skills and how to share their crayons with others. But when Miles Bonham was five (almost five-and-a-half, to be fair), he was re-producing Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" from scratch. Check out the videos below.

Bonham plays the guitar, bass, keys, vocals and harmonies on the project. He also multi-tracked, arranged and edited the entire recording in a professional DAW (digital audio workspace) through Apple's Logic Pro.

The song was completed 100 percent by Bonham, according to the video's description. His father was present throughout the process, mostly for encouragement and some minor guidance. He helped only by giving advice about the song's structure —verses, pre-chorus, chorus and the like. The final product was mixed and mastered by Matthew Thompson.

It's obvious that the mini musician knows his stuff. He guides viewers through his entire process from start to finish. At one point, he puts his hand in the air, slowly resting them on the sides of his face (Home Alone-style) and proclaims, "Oh, boy. We need to EQ it, because in the original [there is] lower bass, higher mids and a lot of treble."

Bonham, known on YouTube as Miles Music Kid, has also covered artists like Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber and Dr. Dre on his channel. There's even a video of him sitting under a keyboard as someone plays a few chords, and he's able to recognize every chord without even looking. And he also picked up Jimmy Page's guitar parts from Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" by ear.

Based on Bonham and the other kids that have recently gained attention on the internet, such as Nandi Bushell covering a plethora of rockers and Caleb Hayes recently going on The Ellen Degeneres Show to play Slipknot's "Sulfur," the future's looking bright for the music world.

Miles Bonham Produces Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Miles Bonham's Final "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" Cover

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