I'm sure you're just like us and find yourself relying on knowledge and wisdom passed down from a family member, or your moronic friend who seems to know-it-all. Well, we're here to make you feel foolish and to set the record straight with 5 life lies that you still believe....we believed them too.

Urinating on a jellyfish sting: Popularized by an episode of the hit TV show 'Friends' when Monica was stung by a jellyfish and one of the 'friends' offered to pee on her. It seemed to help during that show, but in real life a different result would have occurred. Urine actually aggravates the jellyfish and would cause more venom. Plus you'd have someone's pee on you and that ain't cool at all.


Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker: Nope....just not true. In fact, shaving your hair doesn't change a thing. Basically, the new hair hasn't been exposed to the elements and may look darker or thicker. So, shave away and nothing will change.



Soap kills bacteria: There is no soap that can kill these things. So, I guess this means we can go stinky and not be afraid of being overtaken by bacteria. However, you should still wash your hands before eating. It doesn't kill the bacteria, but it does wash the bad stuff away.



Sitting too close to the TV causes eye problems: We're pretty sure that this was made up by parents to punish and create parental power over the young ones. There is just no scientific proof. But, what do scientists know?



8 hours of sleep: You've heard this your entire life and it creates some psychological response too. Get 8 hours of sleep, you feel great and rested. Anything less, you feel lethargic and cranky...that's the psycho part of this. In fact, the number of hours you need to get a proper amount of sleep is fairly unique to you. Yep, everyone is different. We think 9 hours is a good amount.

So, there you have it. You've been mislead. Not something new for us, considering our politicians and most of the general public.

Do you want more? Watch the video below from #Mind Warehouse on YouTube.