Fans at Kinnick Stadium on September 13, 1986, were treated to more than just the Iowa State marching band on the field at halftime...David Lee Roth.


As the Iowa State University marching band started playing his solo hit "Yankee Rose," (which Roth had just released earlier that summer) the 31-year-old singer ran out onto the field, wearing a white hat, a ripped-up T-shirt, and tight pants, and performed some of his trademark kicks and rubbed his backside against a flag girl.

According to a Sports Illustrated article, that flag girl was Laura Uhl, a freshman from Kingsley and she said:

"I thought, Oh, God, that's me he's doing it to. I'm so embarrassed... And I had even written to my parents and told them to watch the game because the band might be on TV."

After his ‘performance,’ on the sidelines, a cheerleader can be heard asking him if he wanted to be part of a pyramid with the cheerleaders, but it's unknown if he participated, although it appeared that he was going to.

Why was David Lee Roth in Iowa City? He was on his way to Ames from Madison, WI, for a concert at Hilton Coliseum later that night. (with Cinderella as the opening act). He then performed in Cedar Rapids at the Five Season Center on September 14th. (now known as Alliant Energy Powerhouse).

This was part of his over 100-date 'Eat 'em and Smile Tour' -- his first tour since his split with Van Halen in 1985.

Video of his Ames performance can be seen HERE.

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