To most, Iowa seems fairly bland and non-threatening. But what they don't know is that Iowa has some crazy mysteries that haven't been solved and are disturbing. Here are 3 of them.

The Visitor of Van Meter: This little town southwest of Des Moines, just off Interstate 80, has one of the creepiest mysteries in the state. According to sources, in 1903 several of Van Meter's respected town folk reported seeing some sort of half man, half something else, winged creature. They even took shots at it with their guns. Reports say that it flew fast and shot lasers or something from it's eyes. Residents still hunt for the winged creature. I wonder if maybe some water or grain went bad in that town.

Ottosen Bigfoot: You would think that Bigfoot would stay in a place where it could hide in the woods. According to reports, in 1978 residents started hearing strange things like hoots and howling that didn't sound like anything from the area. People started reporting seeing a hairy man creatures around town. One woman claimed to have seen the beast looking through her window. It was probably just Mr. Bigfoot going for a walk after Mrs. Bigfoot threw him out.

Earling Exorcism: When a movie is based off of a true story, we have to take some of it as truth, right? The movie 'The Exorcist' was partially based on this story. Yep, little ole' Iowa helped make one of the scariest movies EVER! The subject, Anna, was just a normal Iowa girl until things started changing when she was 14. At 26, an exorcism was performed on her. It took over 20 days to perform this and a few demons were released from her. Still to this day, no one knows if this was real or if she was just crazy.

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