St. Patrick’s Day 2006: One of the first viral videos on YouTube was uploaded. The video involved a supposed sighting of a Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama.

A couple days before the video was uploaded, the local NBC affiliate WPMI-TV was told about crowds gathering in an area of the city, so they sent a reporter, Brian Johnson, to investigate.

Apparently, this reporter had received numerous calls about possible leprechaun sightings and questions about it from friends and even the congregation at his local church.

One resident showed the camera crew a terribly drawn sketch of the supposed leprechaun. Another resident suggested that instead of a leprechaun, "It could be a crackhead."

NBC 15 via YouTube

Another showed a pipe which he said was a "special leprechaun flute," that he claimed was thousands of years old.

NBC 15 via YouTube

The story was aired twice, once on the nightly newscast and again on the morning newscast. But once it reached YouTube, that’s where it became a viral sensation.

The TV station later auctioned off the leprechaun sketch for $1,100 on eBay, with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.

Was it a leprechaun? Nope. A radio crew in Texas performed an investigation in 2014 and numerous witnesses identified the Crichton Leprechaun as "Midget Sean,” who told the investigators that it was a prank played on the community in which he dressed in a leprechaun suit and climbed a tree while his friends alerted others about a leprechaun. See a photo HERE.

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