46 Years ago TonightThe Who’s Keith Moon collapsed during a performance in California after he ingested some horse tranquilizers. He passed out on his drum kit during the song “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” (Lynyrd Skynyrd also played that night)

The crew either tossed the drummer into a cold shower or injected him with cortisone (accounts vary) and they brought him back out 30 minutes later to play, but it didn't last long. So Pete Townshend decided to offer a fan the chance of a lifetime asking if anyone in the crowd could play drums. A 19-year-old took them up on the offer, and joined the band on stage. His name was Scott Halpin and he was an Iowa native born in Muscatine. He had been living in California for a year, but hadn’t played the drums since he had left Iowa. The Who gave him a shot of Brandy to help with his nerves and he sat down and played three songs. The band gave him a jacket afterwards, which was stolen from the fan later that night.

Scott Halpin died in 2008 at the age of 54.

Credit: keithmoonmovie via YouTube

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