When it comes to drumming, many bow at the throne of late Rush percussive legend Neil Peart. One of the latest to share their appreciation for Peart is 10-year-old drum prodigy Yoyoka, who dedicated her latest YouTube video to covering the Rush classic "YYZ."

"My name is Yoyoka, I'm a 10 year old drummer from Japan. I have a lot of respect for Neil Peart. I am sorry he has gone to heaven, but I would like to dedicate a cover of this wonderful song to him. R.I.P.," states the drummer in the description for her latest video.

Peart died on Jan. 7 of this year at the age of 67 following a battle with brain cancer. His place in rock history is cemented thanks to his work in Rush. His often awe-inspiring drum work and massive kit often overshadowed that he was also responsible for writing most of Rush's songs. Peart announced his retirement from the band in 2015, two years after the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Born in 2009, Yoyoka started playing drums at the age of two, appeared live at the age of four and formed a family band at the age of two. Her first CD was released at the age of six, and she not only plays drums but has written songs, sung and plays piano.

She's been featured on this site in the past for her covers of Rage Against the Machine, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana, with the latter coming during an appearance on Ellen where Dave Grohl checked in with a message of praise. Grohl is one of her favorite drummers, along with John Bonham, Chris Coleman, Nate Smith and Chad Smith.

At the age of eight, she signed an endorsement deal with Pearl and Vic Firth, making her the youngest drummer with an endorsement deal. Check out more of her drumming videos via her YouTube channel.

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