There's no manual for how to master the most basic life skills. That is too bad, because it turns out a lot of people could really use one for some pretty basic things. There's a discussion on Reddit where people are sharing the very simple things that other adults seem to be fine at doing, but they're embarrassed they can't do. So you do not have to go digging around, I have 10 of the best answers directly from the site. How many of these can you NOT do? I'll start working on the manual...)

1.  Swallowing pills. (This would suuuck. Imagine grinding up your ibuprofen)

2.  Remembering directions. (um, GPS anyone?)

3.  Tying a balloon.

4.  Confrontation.

5.  Dancing. (Ok, this one is ME)

6.  Remembering people's names the second after they introduce themselves. (Also me...)

7.  Whistling, especially with the two-finger method.

8.  Shuffling a deck of cards.

9.  Tying a tie.

10.  Winking. (Who cannot wink? How do you creepily show a lady you're into her. Sheesh)

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